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Dior’s new Home Collection

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Dior

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Dior

Dior’s new Home Collection

A large number of people are aware of the Christian Dior the brand, but few have any idea about the man who gave his name to one of the leading fashion houses.
Christian Dior was a French designer, who founded the world renowned fashion brand Christian Dior in 1946. Although, he died in 1957, his legacy as a designer and artist is alive even though more than half a century has passed since his death.

Christian Dior has had a lifelong passion for arts and during his youth he used to sell paintings of the likes of Pablo Picasso and his own sketches. Over the years he was also associated with other leading designers of the 20th century such as Robert Piguet and Pierre Balmain.

Dior Home Collection

Christian Dior and Arts
Christian Dior was passionate about arts, fashion and design. His talents as a gifted artist were visible since his schooldays. He shared a special love for nature and is reported as saying that

“After women, flowers are the most loving thing god has given to the world”.


Photo: Courtesy of Christian Dior

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Dior

Christian Dior shared a lifelong fashion for arts and in his free time he was often seen decorating his Paris apartment, paying minute attention to every aspect of the house, curating his gilded chandelier, medallion chairs. During his stay at his country houses, he even tended to care for flowers in his gardens as his love for flowers and nature is also cited as a reason by many for his success in fashion and design.

“Living in a house that doesn’t reflect who you are is askin to wearing someone else’s clothes.”

This quote explains his passion and love for interior design which was an emerging field in post war Europe. This desire to design their own houses was also present in many other artists of Avant Garde and Modernist era, although few were as successful as Christian Dior.

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Dior

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Dior

Dior’s New Home Deco Collection
Dior’s New Home Deco Collection can be considered as the best tribute to its founder as it contains many elements modelled after Christian Dior’s belongings and have a feel of minimalist and natural design. Indeed, Dior’s newly opened 4 story store in London has been modelled after a conservatory, using greenery and light. Few know that Christian Dior himself preferred a natural way of life and the new store in a sense resembles a tribute to his love for flowers and greenery.

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Dior

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Dior

Guest Writer Hamza K.


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Cakes That Made The Cut #onmytable

These cakes definitely made the cut, making them a perfect way to incorporate your cake into the table decoration.

cake for tea time


foto: anouschkarokebrand

foto: anouschkarokebrand


Dream Slice Cakes

cakes guide



Photo: Josh Gruetzmacher

Photo: Josh Gruetzmacher


Photo: Jessica Lorren Organic Photography

Photo: Jessica Lorren Organic Photography


Photo: Alexis June Weddings

Photo: Alexis June


And at the end to top it off and make it super chic, pull out your most beautiful china set add some pink peonies…et voilà!




ENTERTAINING Featured Lifestyle Tutorial

Décor Style Tips for the Chic Home

dream design discover blog candle decor design

Style Tips :

Have Fun with your color palette. Select colors that contrast with the natural setting of the venue.

When you incorporate bold colors in your design and decor palette, pair it with neutral colors or metallic.

Create a luxury resort-chic style and use a vision board to see if your ideas are complimenting each other.

Decor Trends :

Say it with Flowers, The Humble Carnation gets a free look. Simple and understated flower arrangements are the current winners in the bloom game. Simple and a little “home made” inspired looks. Usually displayed in simple vases very casual presented.

Strokes of Genius, Tropical – Chic and Island life are very popular design combination and refreshing colors pallets in home & garden. And specially #onmytable curated by Instagram.

creative board




Entertaining a fashionable affair…

Candlelight and stunning decoration create an atmosphere that make your guest want to linger around. Basically stay #allnightlong

dream design discover

hydr flowers vases dream design discover

dream design discover


Mix your favorite patterns:

to make the most formal occasion more personal, get out your loudest china pieces and fun glassware. Contrast, patterns, runner and centerpieces. Experiment , have fun and play with it! Charm with special unexpected details and pop of colors.

Make a statement!



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007 Goldfinger Tablescape Accessories for the Holidays!

The table. This is where the serious conversations happen, where the memories are made. A great table delights the eye at least as much as the food! We’re encouraging to add a dash of gold to make a bright and bold statement for your next dinner party. A few tips to go gold correctly:

50 shades of gold.

Gold in the correct amount and shade, makes everything more glamorous. Remember to keep everything else on the table simple and not too busy.  Clean, minimalist and chic is what we are going for when it comes to gold.

All that glitters is not gold.

Find the correct shade of gold for your tablescape accessories. We love rose gold, as it’s always very inviting and elegant and it’s not too shiny nor over the top.

The classic touch.

A mix between old world charm with a dashing sense of fun works lovely with gold pieces. Mix and match modern and antique pieces together for a beautiful complement of texture, color and vibrancy.

Betsy Bloomingdale once told me…”The most important thing is the mix. It’s not what you put on the tables, it’s who you put in the chairs.”

Here are a few must-haves to tie in gold to your next dinner party:

These pieces can be found at Macy’s, click here.

007 gold finger james bond dream design discover



007 gold finger james bond dream design discover

1913698_fpx.tif-2007 gold finger james bond dream design discover 007 gold finger james bond dream design discover 007 gold finger james bond dream design discover 007 gold finger james bond dream design discover 007 gold finger james bond dream design discover


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Dinner at the Versace Mansion in Miami


Could there be a better location than the Villa of Gianni Versace to host a beautiful dinner party in Miami? The answer is clearly NO!It’s simply a fabulous backdrop for any party.

I wanted to share some photos from my most recent time in Miami for Art Basel and our time spent at the mansion…plus a little fact list on the property. You will be blown away. Enjoy!

Did you know?

1. Versace bought Casa Casuarina the 1930s Villa in 1992 for $2.9 million as well as an art deco hotel next door for $4 million.

2. Two years after Versace’s death, the mansion was purchased for $19 million unfurnished.

3. The 23,000 square foot villa has 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, 54 foot long pool with 24k gold.

4. Bruce Weber shot the house and the Versaces for a 1993 “Vogue” shoot

5. Casa Casuarina is the only private residence on Ocean Drive

I was fascinated by the Italian inspired charm, mosaic details and Terra-cotta colored walls. The pool was apparently made in bella Italia and then broken down and shipped to Miami to be build up again by a team of 75. The Mansion has more than 100 million Italian mosaic tiles. After spending 33 million in renovation, Gianni did what we would do….start throwing beautiful dinners and parties!

art basel 2015 dream design discover tables scape design





ENTERTAINING Featured Garden

Favorite Florist in NYC

Flowers are an unexpected and chic way to add drama to any tablescape. I feel the need to share my New York Florist, so you too can experience what I had.

After having finalized all the details of the dinner party, I needed to make the choice on an amazing florist, that understands elegance, simplicity. Think contemporary with a touch of classic tradition. I discovered the amazing team at Van Vliet and Tramp.

They completely understood the creative direction of the evening!

dinner cipriani new york city , dream desing discover blog

Before calling any florist, pick your color palette according to the season and theme of the tablescape.
Of course they can make suggestions, however I think it’s best to have an idea of what you would like to do. Similar with clothing, you should have an idea of what you’re looking for….

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 27: Director James Kerwin attends DuJour's Jason Binn and Dom Perignons Trent Fraser host an intimate dinner for Lionel Richies Home Collection at Harry Cipriani on October 27, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for DuJour)

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 27: Director James Kerwin attends DuJour’s Jason Binn and Dom Perignons Trent Fraser host an intimate dinner for Lionel Richies Home Collection at Harry Cipriani on October 27, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for DuJour)

The selection of flowers was a combination of:

  • Phalaenopsis Orchids
  • Dahlias
  • Calla Lilies
  • Green Hydrangea

orchids ddd




The evening was filled with such elegant and classic charm, breath taking tabletop with white and gold details…


How to splurge on a budget:

  • select season flowers
  • select flowers with a larger face
  • book a location that’s naturally pretty
  • add candles for decoration so you can use less flower arrangements

Hydrangea greens flowers ddd

Florists to follow:





DYI Garden Tutorial

DIY – Lavender for a Good Night Sleep

Lavender Oil is known for its relaxing and calming quality.

It’s been used for stress relieve anxiety and restlessness and insomnia and it just smells really good! Add it to your bath or shower to relieve aching muscles and stress.

Traveling can sometimes be exhausting! I’m up all night thinking about all sorts of things and sometimes may have a hard time falling asleep because my brain is wide awake. A different time zone and dealing with jet lag doesn’t help either.

Lavender essential oil has a calming scent which makes it an excellent tonic for the nerves. Therefore, it can also be helpful in treating migraines and headaches.

I have tons of lavender bushes all over the place. I love the natural scents and the beautiful pop of colors they provide. Not only are they beautiful, but I also use them to help me relax.

I just grab bunches of lavender and make sure to let them dry first (or you can just purchase already packaged lavender) and to help to give it a stronger smell you can also add organic lavender oil.

Create your own aromatherapy satchel:

  1. Lavender Bunches
  2. Little linen bags & rope or ribbon
  3. Organic Lavender Oil
  4. Scissors   

Don’t have time for all of this? (trust me I do understand!) Use pure lavender essential oil and add a  few drops on a piece of tissue and stick it under your pillow… Voilà

bags of lavender ddd


lavender bags

What helps you to fall asleep?xoxolisa



Lifestyle TECH TALK

#TechTalk: Introducing the Canon VIXIA Mini

My New Favorite Sidekick: Introducing Canon Vixia – Mini

Last week I ran into Alexandra from @hrhcollection, the founder and beautiful blogger of We made instant friends because of her sidekick. I am a victim of gadgets of information technology, productivity apps and all #TechTalk. So after connecting with her on Instagram, I went online to order the new discovered genius.

The all-new VIXIA Mini makes it easy for you to be the star, so come on out from behind the camcorder and take the stage! Whatever your thing is – music, dance, sports, cooking, video blogging – the VIXIA Mini helps you capture it with maximum impact.

Use its expansive fisheye lens to make sure you and everything around you appear in the shot, or to spice up your video with a funky look other camcorders can’t offer. Looking for a more conventional option? Just tap the touch screen and crop-in.

Either way, your videos and photos come out looking great because the VIXIA mini provides Canon quality you can depend on. And it’s got superb stereo sound to match.

Plus, with a tiltable screen and adjustable stand it’s a one-stop imaging solution that even shoots hands-free. But what good is shining so brightly if you’ve got no audience? That’s why the VIXIA mini has built-in Wi-Fi®, so you can share your creativity with the world. Via Canon

Technical Description 

The versatile VIXIA mini gives you both Wide and Close-up shooting modes. Wide mode captures virtually everything within its frame, shooting at approximately 16.8mm for videos and 15.4mm for photos (35mm equivalent). Expansive video shot in Wide mode has a 160° angle of view (170° angle for still images), adding a whole new level of playfulness and creativity at the edges.

Get those sweeping landscapes or wide group shots with ease, and then switch to Close-up mode for a cropped in, centered 1920 x 1440 image that emphasizes your subject (35.0mm for videos, 32.1mm for photos). With the VIXIA mini, you can toggle between the two modes at any time, simply by touching the LCD screen. Via Canon

Favorite Features:

  • Built-In WIFI
  • Touch screen drawing onto the screen
  • Editing options and filters
  • Super small and fits into my clutch



How to Set a Table for a Dinner Party

How do you set your table properly?

I assume you know how to set a table, but lets say you didn’t because some of you maybe rarely host a dinner… 🙂 I received an email with the question on how to set a table properly, so I thought I would answer it here!

Beautiful, you have made it this far, invitations are out and your guests are almost here.

Food is cooked, wine is chilled…  It’s time for a dinner party!

Remember the famous scene in  “Pretty Woman”, when Julia Roberts says “slippery little su@#%!” (watch it)
as the escargot flies from her plate… for some reason I just thought of that.

Anyway… so you’re ready to set the table. Take a look below for the perfect layout.

The graphic below is pretty self explanatory (oh, and the napkin goes on your left!) You could also place the napkin in the center of the plate with a napkin ring or just nicely folded. Try a fancy napkin fold to surprise and delight your guests. And of course, don’t forget your napkin etiquette during the party!

In case you want to print out: download here!

To add a special touch to your table, add flowers and candle. I personally don’t like large flower arrangements on the table during dinner, because it blocks the view to your guest and it’s sometime hard to have a conversation while looking through the plants :). However, simple flower arrangements are always and elegant way to add a touch of color to your table setting and highlight the theme of the evening.


formal seIf your a perfectionist, can you spot the little mistake on the picture above…? Happy dining.


DYI Lifestyle Tutorial

What is it about Pink Peonies?

A peony represents wealth and honor and expresses love and romance.

My season flower of the moment is the pink peony. And I thought you guys might share the admiration for its beauty. So, what is it about Pink Peonies?

The traditional floral symbol of China, the state flower of Indiana, and the 12th wedding anniversary flower, peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor. With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.

The beautiful peony flower has long been a favorite of Asian artists. It appears not only in painting but poetry and literature as well. It is a frequent  motif in Chinese art, featured on screen paintings, clothing and woodblocks. The  peony is also a much-loved subject of Japanese artists, who have used it to  adorn tapestries and porcelain. European artists, such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir  and Vincent van Gogh, also sought to capture the peony’s beauty on canvas.

In honor of #FlowerFriday , I’m sharing a little DIY for a beautiful flower arrangement:
pink peonis
pink peonies ddd
pink peonies ddd flower friday