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Bergdorf Goodman X-mas Window – NYC

Photo: Genevive Garuppo

Bergdorf Goodman X-mas Window – NYC

Christmas is just around the corner and to celebrate, Bergdorf Goodman’s 2016 legendary window displays have been revealed. This year’s theme is called Destination Extraordinary and with not one but five exceptional window displays brimming with festive cheer, let’s take a closer look at the window design of one of New York’s most iconic department stores. Brimming with lush greenery, this year’s display is somewhat of a showstopper to say the least.




A Festive Holiday Tradition

For many, the unveiling of the Christmas window displays signifies the start of the festive season and whether you are a local or a tourist, the Bergdorf Goodman window is worthy of your attention. In New York City, elaborate decorations are all part and parcel of the Christmas countdown not forgetting a trip to the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony.






The Christmas Light Ceremony

The Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony boasts a two-hour variety show featuring a sprinkling of celebrity performances and live music. Hundreds of people come out to watch the 92-foot tree light up (with over 50,000 lights for those interested). This luxurious light ceremony is exciting and extravagant and if you are in New York over the festive season, this is one event to mark down in your diary. If you aren’t in the city, you can watch the ceremony in all its glory on youtube somewhere.












Destination Extraordinary

This year the theme for the Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday window displays is Destination Extraordinary. Inspired by the paintings of Henri Rousseau and visits to the American Museum of Natural History, the displays feature unique imaginary destinations including an opulent Winter Garden, Bird’s Eye View, The Hitch Hiker, The Scenic Route and The Book Club.



The common theme between all of the displays is the colour green with lush leaves, beads and dried flowers adorning each scene. Each display features a mannequin dressed to the nines. Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Roberto Cavalli are just a few of the designer brands that take centre stage. Destination Extraordinary is the end result of six months of hard work and it truly is wow-worthy.


With only a couple of weeks until Santa comes to town, there is no better time to explore the ultra-festive window displays that New York City has to offer. Swing by the festive window displays of the Bergdorf Goodman department store and be enchanted by its magic this Christmas.









Holiday Hostess Luxury Candle Gift-Giving Guide

Manhattan Candle The Estate Collection

Photo Credit : Naadine Koi @wellboxed

Holiday Hostess Luxury Candle Gift-Giving Guide


Luxury Candle Fragrances: The Perfect Hostess Gift for the Holidays


Whether throwing your own party or attending someone else’s fabulous bash, the right luxury candle fragrance can add that extra sparkle to help the occasion shine. Offering both a gorgeous decorative item and a heavenly scent to spice up the mood, these candles can really make a party. That makes them the perfect hostess gift and the ideal choice for filling your own home with holiday cheer.


The only question is: With so many amazing Estate Collection candles to choose from, which fragrance(s) should you choose?


After all, each hostess is as unique as the events you attend, meaning that a lot of thought can go into choosing just the right luxury fragrance to purchase. But I’ve got you covered: check out the guide below for help with the scent-selection process—it makes finding the perfect candle for all your holiday needs a breeze!


Plus, to make your gift really pop, I share tips on packaging your candle with design ideas and gorgeous home décor accompaniment items from the always-fabulous Lionel Richie Home Collection. By putting one of these gifts together for a friend (or yourself), you’ll package a party in a box—the perfect present for anyone hosting a grand event!

Manhattan The Estate Collection Candles

Photo Credit : Naadine Koi @wellboxed

ManhattanOffering a gorgeous bouquet of lemon, bergamot, jasmine, and orchid, Manhattan is the ideal candle for that gal about town. We all have that friend who just seems to exude urban sophistication—a child of the world who is always at the hippest new restaurants or jet setting across the globe. This fragrance tells us that all dreams can come true, with a refreshingly sweet vanilla scent and hints of delicious ripe citrus.


Gifting Suggestions: The jet setter, the traveler, or the dreamer in your life

Party Suggestion: Sophisticated cocktail parties

Decoration Suggestions: With a minimalist pearl palette and gold ornamentation, really any colors can go with this lovely candle. However, I just love tying a bright red bow around the box and adding a sprig of holly or mistletoe. I can’t get enough of these holiday color combinations!

Home Décor Accompaniment: Adding a layer of mystery to your cocktail hour comes the immeasurable Sunset Votive. By placing this gorgeous votive beside Manhattan as a vase or tea light vessel, you’ll magnify the candle’s luminous glow as it glimmers across the room like the lights of the city flickering late into the night.

The Estate Collection St. Tropez

Photo Credit : Naadine Koi @wellboxed

St. Tropez: With a truly uplifting combination of fresh cypress, eucalyptus, fig, cedar wood, and patchouli, St. Tropez is a great fit for that workaholic who needs a reminder to take some “me time.” Self-care often goes by the wayside this time of year as we get overwhelmed by our desire to please others, which is why such a relaxing and rejuvenating candle is always a welcome and much-needed gift. Fruity and juicy with a hint of warm amber, St. Tropez is also wonderfully unisex for that gentleman friend just getting into the luxury candle game.


Gifting Suggestions: The workaholic, metrosexual, or yoga aficionado

Party Suggestion: Large family gatherings that could use a little pick-me-up!

Decoration Suggestions: With such a refreshing yet earthy scent, I like to add similarly woodsy elements, such as white or gold-painted pinecones or a small berry garland. The cream color of the candle’s packaging also makes it perfect to package in any of your favorite wrapping papers, though I love to accentuate the box with golds and reds.

Home Décor Accompaniment: What better way to complement this French-themed candle than with the gorgeously European Firenze Vase? Elegant, simple, and easy to clean, this crystal vessel makes any candle arrangement blossom, while also offering the perfect, classy display for lovely floral sprigs.



Swiss Candles The Estate Collection

Photo Credit : Naadine Koi @wellboxed

Swiss Alps: Bringing together some of the most comforting scents in existence, as befits a candle named for these majestic mountains in my beloved Switzerland, Swiss Alps soothes the senses with a mixture of peach, edelweiss, bellflower, jasmine, and sandalwood—with a hint of spicy clove. Sweet and floral, this is truly a dream fragrance—both a fantasy come to life and the perfect aroma to set a tranquil ambiance that nudges you to sleep. Swiss Alps is the ideal scent for a night alone or, with its spicy clove undertone, to enjoy with a friend who’s “sleeping over”!


Gifting Suggestions: The lover, the romantic, or the old friend

Party Suggestion: Intimate dinner parties

Decoration Suggestions: Fresh and relaxing as newly fallen snow, this scent should be complemented with wintery elements, such as a few jingle bells and a sprig of pine. I adore placing this candle in a chic, colorful gift bag, as unveiling it feels like an experience in and of itself!

Home Décor Accompaniment: Add a wintery touch to this candle with the gift of a breathtaking Jardin Sphere Vessel. Drop a tea light into this rounded crystal holder and amplify the light of the Swiss Alps as it envelops the room, filling your home with a gorgeous radiance not unlike the Aurora Borealis.



Make This a Season to Remember!


This holiday season, be the belle of the ball whether you’re the hostess or not. Luxury candles by the Estate Collection are lovely additions for any time of year, but there’s something truly magical about burning these fragrances during this festive season, setting the mood for special moments yet to come. Help make memories that last a lifetime with these fabulous scents that will keep you smiling all year long.


Happy Holidays! Bonnes Fêtes! Schöni Wiehnachte!



Featured Lifestyle Travel

The Intriguing Charm of Abu Dhabi


The Intriguing Charm of Abu Dhabi

Fusing breath-taking skyscrapers, cosmopolitan scenes and luxury shopping, Abu Dhabi has an air of grandeur. Like many major cities around the world, this stunning location offers you an array of exquisite attractions, whether you’re searching for tranquillity, excitement, or elegance. If you’re planning your next escapade or have a layover, relish the opportunity to explore one of the most decadent places on earth and consider visiting these Abu Dhabi landmarks.

Things to do

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center, adorned with marble, semi-precious stones and chandeliers could easily be the eighth wonder of the world. Holding space for 40,000 people, the mosque offers self-guided walks alongside free tours in both English and Arabic. The dress code is Arabic dress or you can loan an abaya on entrance. This magical experience is even more beautiful at night.

img_4934 img_4931

Yas Island

For thrill-seekers, look no further than Yas Island. This exhilarating, adventure land promises attractions that you’ll find nowhere else in the city. Live concerts, formula 1 racing and the world’s largest waterpark are some of the key attractions to visit. Alternatively, head to a haven of serenity with a spa day or dine in one of the 90 restaurants. The stunning beaches and sensational hotels like the Yas Viceroy make the island an idyllic setting for a vacation.

The Galleria Mall

Located on Al Maryah Island, The Galleria is undoubtedly the home of luxury shopping in Abu Dhabi. Featuring the crème de la crème in designer fashion, brands like Balenciaga, Dior, Gucci, and Lanvin are just a handful of notable names occupying the mall. Grab a coffee at Magnolia Bakery as you explore the finest in retail, or partake in a dining experience at Rosewood or Cafe Milano located inside of the four Seasons Hotel next door.


Art & Galleries

Art is a popular pastime in Dubai so the N2N Gallery is the perfect place to visit. Combining art collections from Abu Dhabi and Europe, the gallery showcases over 170 pieces from 13 artists. As well as viewing sculptures, contemporary art, and paintings, N2N also offers art classes, providing a pleasant opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the local art scene.
And The Louvre Abu Dhabi, opening in 2017 is a universal museum in the Arab world. It’s  intended to be a place of discovery, exchange and education.


Where to stay

The Emirates Palace

A regal, seven-star hotel, the Emirates Palace is set in 85 hectares of lush greenery and is the world’s most expensive hotel. Decorated in marble, silver, and gold with Swarovski crystal chandeliers, the 200 fountains, 114 domes and 2000 staff members make this hotel one of the grandest locations in the city. The world-class caviar bar (all though I don’t like caviar) serves a traditional caviar menu with champagne, set against a backdrop of live music, while each room boasts 24-hour butler service, iPad mini, and wi-fi of course. Experience fine dining at one of the 14 restaurants, or relax in the spa and swimming pool.


What to wear

The culture of Abu Dhabi is rooted in Arabic traditions. While nationals of UAE wear traditional dress, visitors are welcome to wear liberal clothing. However, any short or tight clothes may be deemed unwelcome so dress appropriately and respectful.

img_4930Btw. This is what not to wear to the Mosque (but for shopping perfectly fine)





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Ferrari World – Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi

abu-dhabi skyline Formula one Dream Dream Design


Speed, Thrills & Fun: Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi

Nico Rosberg’s Championship victory and final race at Abu Dhabi last week wasn’t the only thing that travelled 100+mph. With some time off pre-race, I visited the ‘Middle East’s Leading Tourist Attraction’ and no, it’s not the Burj. Nestled on Yas Island, just 30 minutes by car from the city centre, Ferrari World is the world’s first and only Ferrari branded amusement park.

What is Ferrari World?

The park opened in 2010 and has quickly become a ‘must-visit’ for anyone travelling in the Middle East. The park is roughly the size of 7 football pitches and boasts not only the largest space frame structure ever built but also the world’s fastest roller coaster. The ‘Formula Rossa’ is the crowning jewel of the park with an exhilarating top (and world record holding) speed of 149 mph.
The park is quite surreally magnificent, mainly because everything you see, touch and ride is traditional racing car red with the iconic Ferrari stallion emblazoned across it. Everything is pristine and stylish in design as you would expect from a super-brand like Ferrari. Fortunately for me, on Grand Prix weekend the entire park access, so I was able to enjoy the park to quell my sorrows that Lewis Hamilton didn’t win the championship. Maybe next year…

Lionel's Show at Ferrari GP Formula 1, Abu Dhabi

Lionel’s Show at Yasalam After Race concert, Abu Dhabi

A theme park for the whole family

If you’re after even more speed (as if a Formula 1 race wasn’t enough), Ferrari World has enough rides to satisfy all thrill seeking needs. If you want something a little slower, the park is surprisingly excellent for toddlers and teens with rides, shows and attractions to suit all ages and heights (be aware that height restrictions are strictly enforced so do some planning in advance to avoid waiting in a queue and being disappointed).


Ferrari World’s Best Attractions

The park really has something for everyone, regardless if you even care about cars or not. My top attractions in no particular order were:
Galleria Ferrari – a Ferrari lover’s dreamland, this exhibition showcased a wide selection of classic and modern Ferraris. I can only describe it as somewhere between an art gallery, a motoring museum and a fashion show.
Tyre Change Show – this might not sound particularly glamorous but it was one of the highlights of my trip. This is an entertaining show with some Italian comics combined with a cpit stophance to try your hand at a F1 pit stop For the record, don’t wear heels when trying to change a formula 1 tyre!
Mamma Rossella – a lovely open-air trattoria for a relatively reasonable cost for lunch/dinner. There’s a wide range of Middle Eastern, African and European food available
Driving Experience – the highlight of the entire trip was a chance to get behind the wheel in a Ferrari California (in red of course) with a trained Ferrari driver. Family can sit in the back so you’re not on your own as you revel in the sheer beauty and opera of a 4.3 litre monster supercar.
Overall, the park is one of the best theme parks I’ve ever been to and had enough to keep everyone entertained.


Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi UAE

Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi UAE