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Tea Pleasures….

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The heritage of “sweet treats”—gourmandises—is more than a mere childhood memory.

The evocative flavours of those creamy, fruity, wonderfully smooth and mouth-filling delights can still inhabit our lives.

So the next time your hosting a high tea, remember to pick high quality tea brands with a rich flavor. You will notice the difference right away! Obviously you don’t have to hunt this tea brand down all the way to London. Explore different flavors and brand and find the one that speak to most to you.

Add Macaroons to your daily tea…which I just love as part of the decoration!

Enjoy your tea!

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  • Reply Edna Glenn Freeman January 5, 2016 at 3:10 am

    Good Morning Lisa.
    When you have tired afternoon at the office, calm down and drink some Tetley British tea we have some at our store and basically we sell everyday. Besides Macaroons; we have donuts or sweet nilla wafers for a afternoon snack or drink hot tea at bedtime.

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