Sorry, Members Only Beauty Buzz!

Sorry Members only Hair Salon?… what does that even mean?

This is actually a super clever concept. Los Angeles is known for everything Über chic and Hollywood. So when I heard about this #membersonly salon I thought…”I have to check it out…”

I must admit, it’s a pretty brilliant idea. You sign up for a membership the same way you would at the gym (with the exception that you won’t find an excuse why you can’t go today). You can get as many blowouts as you wish per month. Unlimited Blowouts, unlimited hair cuts, unlimited color…

Visit them and enjoy:

Society Salon
8327 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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  • Reply Edna Glenn Freeman February 17, 2016 at 9:35 am

    Good Afternoon Lisa
    I was a customer of a local beauty school when school students are doing hair in my hometown Washington, DC It cost doing my corn rolls with hair about $50.00 dollars. There’s no excuse going up there I was feared that in West Hollywood California salon is so high and expensive and basically you can’t afford to pay the person to my hair. My advice if you go to any salon you watch your budget
    because you can’t spend a lot of money membership on one salon to another would burn a hole in your pocket. There’s one thing about this salon is for Members Only and please before you go any salon like this one here in California please make sure the price is right for doing hair styles and hair cuts for men for this money crisis is concerned I was telling anyone to hold on to your money if you check about going to any hair salon that you know suitable to doing hair styles and there’s one thing;Watch out for your budget. have a wonderful blessed day.

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