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Beauty & Wellness App Must-Have!


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Had to share this beauty secret…especially since it involves technology!

PRIV is a one-stop destination for all your beauty and wellness needs. PRIV brings your favorite services, along with our highly-vetted professionals directly to you; anytime, anywhere. Looking and feeling good has never been easier or more affordable.

You can PRIV one or more of these services at a time:
HAIRCUT | Regular grooming or a style shakeup
BLOWOUT | Whether you want a blowout, braid or updo
NAILS | A basic manicure to gel with nail art
MASSAGE | From a midday office break to full relaxation at home
MAKEUP | For your Saturday night or your Wedding day
FITNESS | From yoga to boxing
STRAIGHT SHAVE | A beard trim or a straight shave and style
SPRAY TAN | From a sunkissed glow to a beachy bronze

PRIV is available in following cities: London, Los Angeles, New York, Hamptons, OC and Austin…and I’m sure more to come!

I know you will absolutely love the experience…so try them out and let me know what you think in the comments below.



Featured Lifestyle TECH TALK

Digital Life-Changers

These app will make your everyday life just a little bit more productive and easier. Enjoy!









1.Dark Sky
Dark Sky uses state-of-the-art technology to predict when it will rain or snow — down to the minute — at your exact location, and presents it to you alongside the most beautiful weather visualizations you’ve ever seen. Watch weather patterns evolve globally, or right down in your neighborhood, in Dark Sky’s stunningly smooth map simulations. Pull storms back and forth through time — and into the future — to see what the weather has in store for you.








2. Pocket 
save for later and put articles, videos or pretty much anything into Pocket.
And Save it directly from your browser or from apps like Twitter.

If it’s in Pocket, it’s on your phone, tablet or computer. You don’t even need an Internet connection.








3. Evernotes
Easily gather everything that matters. Clip web articles, capture handwritten notes, and snap photos to keep the physical and digital details of your projects with you at all times.


Sorry, Members Only Beauty Buzz!

Sorry Members only Hair Salon?… what does that even mean?

This is actually a super clever concept. Los Angeles is known for everything Über chic and Hollywood. So when I heard about this #membersonly salon I thought…”I have to check it out…”

I must admit, it’s a pretty brilliant idea. You sign up for a membership the same way you would at the gym (with the exception that you won’t find an excuse why you can’t go today). You can get as many blowouts as you wish per month. Unlimited Blowouts, unlimited hair cuts, unlimited color…

Visit them and enjoy:

Society Salon
8327 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069

dream design discover dream design discover dream design discover

ENTERTAINING Featured Lifestyle

Cakes That Made The Cut #onmytable

These cakes definitely made the cut, making them a perfect way to incorporate your cake into the table decoration.

cake for tea time


foto: anouschkarokebrand

foto: anouschkarokebrand


Dream Slice Cakes

cakes guide



Photo: Josh Gruetzmacher

Photo: Josh Gruetzmacher


Photo: Jessica Lorren Organic Photography

Photo: Jessica Lorren Organic Photography


Photo: Alexis June Weddings

Photo: Alexis June


And at the end to top it off and make it super chic, pull out your most beautiful china set add some pink peonies…et voilà!




ENTERTAINING Featured Lifestyle Tutorial

Décor Style Tips for the Chic Home

dream design discover blog candle decor design

Style Tips :

Have Fun with your color palette. Select colors that contrast with the natural setting of the venue.

When you incorporate bold colors in your design and decor palette, pair it with neutral colors or metallic.

Create a luxury resort-chic style and use a vision board to see if your ideas are complimenting each other.

Decor Trends :

Say it with Flowers, The Humble Carnation gets a free look. Simple and understated flower arrangements are the current winners in the bloom game. Simple and a little “home made” inspired looks. Usually displayed in simple vases very casual presented.

Strokes of Genius, Tropical – Chic and Island life are very popular design combination and refreshing colors pallets in home & garden. And specially #onmytable curated by Instagram.

creative board




Entertaining a fashionable affair…

Candlelight and stunning decoration create an atmosphere that make your guest want to linger around. Basically stay #allnightlong

dream design discover

hydr flowers vases dream design discover

dream design discover


Mix your favorite patterns:

to make the most formal occasion more personal, get out your loudest china pieces and fun glassware. Contrast, patterns, runner and centerpieces. Experiment , have fun and play with it! Charm with special unexpected details and pop of colors.

Make a statement!




You are Invited!

invited post dream design discover

‘Tis the season for dinner parties. Enjoy a few of my favorite dinner tips…

Build excitement with the invite:

Your invitations offer peek into the style and them of your dinner. If your going glam, you’ll need an invitation to match.

The thickness of the paper, the wording and even the time of the dinner will clue guest into the formality of the event. Metallic inks and foils can add a touch of luxe and fancy to your invitation and still keep the design sophisticated.

Inform about the attire:

This will guarantee a smart look for the entire guest list. If you are planning to hold a formal dinner let your guest know how you would them to be dressed for the occasion. Nobody wants to be under-dressed.

Formal or Cocktail, Business Casual, Beach Casual or Casual are terms that are often used to described the dress code… don’t try to get to creative with describing the dress code. Otherwise your guest will feel confused and nobody wants to look out of place.

  • black tie should appear in the lower right-hand corner of the invitations, if you wish your guest to arrived dressed in formal attire.


  • When a response card is sent with the invitation, it should be used for the reply, rather than a handwritten response.

Copy samples:

John and Barbara
cordially invite you for
a night on the terrace
to celebrate the new year

Saturday, June the sixth
at six-thirty
65 Beverly Hills


The honour of
your presence is
at The Country Club
117 Seaside Drive
Miami, Florida
on Sunday, April 11th
for Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres
at six o’clock in the eveningDinner immediately followingName of Host / Hosts
The honour of your presence
is requested at my
Dinner & Cocktail Party
 Casual attire

Create an ambiance :

Hosting a glamorous dinner is as much about creating a beautiful stage and being a gracious host. Make it fun by adding stylish details, music and candles. If your hosting a more intimate dinner the light can be dimmed.

If you have a beautiful centerpieces you should high light it with colors or lights.

Light up the dessert or the cocktail area. Draw attention to the beautiful things and conversation pieces of your dinner decor. Winter Chic Looks are COOL, CLEAN, SCANDINAVIAN OR SIBERIAN WINTER decoration looks.


Late Guests

Delay dinner fifteen (15) minutes for a late guest. When the guest arrives, he or she is served the course that is being served at the time.


A season of deliciousness…



ENTERTAINING Featured Lifestyle

Tea Pleasures….

team with dream design discover

The heritage of “sweet treats”—gourmandises—is more than a mere childhood memory.

The evocative flavours of those creamy, fruity, wonderfully smooth and mouth-filling delights can still inhabit our lives.

So the next time your hosting a high tea, remember to pick high quality tea brands with a rich flavor. You will notice the difference right away! Obviously you don’t have to hunt this tea brand down all the way to London. Explore different flavors and brand and find the one that speak to most to you.

Add Macaroons to your daily tea…which I just love as part of the decoration!

Enjoy your tea!

teatime with dream design discovermaccaroons dream design discoverladuree macaroons dream design discover



Holiday Gift Guide for Him

holiday post blog

Before we start brainstorming for gifts, I just want to say that the meaning of Christmas is obviously not the gifts. It’s about family and friends gathering together and enjoying the holidays. Celebrating love & memories. Finding a way how to give back and share. Being attentive and making someone smile.

If you want to gifts something to a special person,  always remember it’s not the price or the gift that counts, but the thought of making it special. Adding a personal handwritten note…. “remember back in June…”, or “Just a little something to make you smile….”, or “I really hope the size will fit you….”…there are many ways to make a gift more meaningful and personal. In our busy days we sometimes forget to add the personal touch! Remember…Santa is watching you…

And the most rewarding feeling is to find the perfect gift for our loved ones and see the face when they unwrap the gift…enjoy a few favorite gifts for him below:


 gift guide

Striped Cotton Pajama Set


Opt for a classic nightwear ensemble with these striped cotton pyjamas from Brooks Brothers. Change into this dapper pair to get into full relaxation mode in the evenings, or pack them in your luggage to give your overnight stays a homely feel. Shown here with Derek Rose slippers.

GQ Men

Assouline from New York, NY
Mining the magazine’s extensive photographic archives, GQ Men captures the essence of what it means to look sharp and think smart —the magazine’s mantra by showcasing the men who embody the GQ spirit. GQ Men celebrates all the facets of the modern American man- smart and stylish both inside and out.

Cotton-Terry Bathrobe


Slip into this Brooks Brothers bathrobe to bring a touch of luxury to your morning shower. Absorbent cotton-terry fabric and multiple pockets make this piece as practical as it is indulgent.

Hair Gift Box


Based in a traditional-style barbershop in the heart of the city, Pankhurst London give good hair. Start off your home-grooming ritual with the brand’s ‘Thickening Shampoo’, formulated to deliver body and shine, following with the ‘Styling Conditioner’, a deeply nourishing treatment. Finish off with the texturing Pomade, to set your chosen style in place for the day. Also included is the ‘Head-to-Toe Shampoo‘, a conditioning cleanser for both the scalp and body, perfect for those in more of a rush to get ready.

Nickel Shaving Set

Penhaligon’s from England, United Kingdom

This nickel-plated shaving set lends a timeless and sophisticated quality to your bathroom. Hand-assembled and finished to the highest quality in Sheffield, the set includes a classic shaving brush made from ethically sourced badger hair and a streamlined razor with a Gillette Mach 3 Blade.


princess print scented wax candle


Multicoloured glass holder, wax candle, aluminium lid princess print scented wax candle from Dolce & Gabbana. This item comes with a gift box.







$ 43.00


A rich vanilla orchid fragrance with a bergamot & lemon top note and a floral jasmine body. The fragrance dries down to a sweet Tahitian vanilla base with a tonka background and rare musk accord.
Top Note: Lemon, Bergamot
Mid Note: Jasmine, Orchid
city guide book gift guide for him

Europe Gift Box


EXCLUSIVE AT NET-A-PORTER.COM. Travel to the chicest European cities in style with LUXE City Guides’ pocket-sized booklets on hand. This set includes five fold-outs packed with the insider scoop on Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Stockholm and Venice. Find out everything from where the locals eat to how to navigate the city’s public transportation system. Each pamphlet has a protective plastic sleeve and they come together in a travel-friendly black linen box.



DYI Lifestyle

Cute & Fun Unusual Gifts – Gift Guide

French Tea Party,

Macaroons, petit fours…. The French rule in the exquisite-indulgence department. Make a ceremony of the Tea, with bowls of loose teas for guest to sample before choosing. Champagne optional, but encouraged .. 🙂 is what the parisian say….

Macaron Kit $ 39.99

dream design discover macaroon set

Light as a feather and bearing the sweet flavors of fruits, flowers, and even tea, the French macaron is a bite-sized dessert that spells refined decadence. Make the dressed up cookie yourself with this kit, offering a nonstick silicone baking mat, refillable batter/icing “pen,” and six different tips for easy decorating. An included recipe book allows you to start creating flavors like rose, Earl Grey, pistachio, and even wasabi. Made in Spain.



Japanese Elm Bonsai Specimen Tree

Enjoy some meditative greenery and cultivate your own delicate bonsai tree with this kit.

$ 34.00

Bonsai gift guide dream design discover


Elm Essence

Patience is a virtue. The centuries-old Japanese tradition of bonsai stems from the meditative pursuit of the essence of nature over years of cultivation. Begin your exploration of this horticultural tradition with these bonsai specimen kits. Each one includes everything you need to start growing your own Japanese elm bonsai tree–seeds, growing medium, bonsai pruners, detailed directions, and a recycled US steel grow box.

A tree with classic character, Japanese Elm (Zelkova serrata) makes a truly distinctive bonsai. Long, delicate branches with small, serrated leaves that turn orange and yellow in autumn give this tree year-round appeal. It’s considered to be one of the best bonsais for winter, when its array of attractive branches are not hidden by leaves. Kit made in Idaho.


Love Is Art Kit

$36.00 – 60.00

art kitart dream design discover Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 3.38.13 AM

My Life Story – So Far

This journal gives you prompts for recording your life’s experiences, relationships and hard-won wisdom.

$ 28.00

book journal Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 4.03.46 AM

The Rest is History

Inspire parents and grandparents to create a lasting family keepsake that will be treasured for generations. Beginning with “The Early Years,” this uniquely designed journal is organized in nine sections, each containing thought-provoking prompts to spark a colorful personal memoir that captures the memories of first dates, lifelong friendships, meaningful stories, and pearls of wisdom gathered along the way. There’s even a section dedicated to list the things you hope to accomplish next!

DIY Jewelry Studio


gift guide

Jewelry Design, Out of the Box

A beautifully-crafted piece of jewelry is even more meaningful when you make it yourself. These DIY jewelry-making kits will inspire your inner artisan with an alluring mix of stones and beads, accompanied by a step-by-step manual for making your own gemstone jewelry. Choose from prepared palettes of Aquamarine and Laboradrite, Smoky Quartz and Tourmaline, or Druzy and Pyrite. They’re accompanied by metal accents, crimps, wire, and hardware. Each studio-in-a-box even includes a tape measure, beading pad, and crimping tool- everything you’ll need to create uniquely-designed necklace and bracelet sets. Designed by Cindy and Avril Joffe and made in Georiga, USA.

Featured Lifestyle Travel

Princess Ezurin Khyra’s Fashion Diary

Ezurin Datin princess fashion diary

Photo: | Glam by @yunniese_g

Welcome to a sneak peak into the world of the lovely Princess Ezurin Khyra’s Fashion Diary. 
Malaysian Royalty, Kind & Sweet A Gorgeous Style Council, A Mother & ‘Our Society’s Fashion Darling’, quote by Prestige Malaysia.

You will love her Fashiondiary … Follow her Instagram @ezurinkhyra and travel the globe with her fashion inspiration and love for design and colors.

fab5 things ezuring

Q: Datin Ezurin, what is your favorite city right now?



Q: Your Make Up is always flawless…   what’s your Lipstick of choice?



Q: #Currentmood for favorite food?



Q: Your favorite Fashion Designer of the hour?



Q: And your favorite flowers are?


Collage from @ezurinkhyra’s Instagram