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    Welcome to Dream.Design.Discover

    Dream.Design.Discover is the premier destination for tips and inspiration for living a chic lifestyle with simple and elegant ideas on decorating, entertaining and living life beautifully. Inspired by travel and lust for life, I have started…

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    I’m a big believer that the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. From purchasing a freshly cut bouquet to gaze at while working, to adding some limes and raspberries to your water for…

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    Ladurée: Parisian Chic with Global Appeal

    There’s no shortage of elegant pastry boutiques in Paris. It is the patisserie—or pastry shop—capital of the world, after all! The city of light boasts hundreds of gorgeous displays that vie for visitors’ attention—and…

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    Feel Fabulous: Aromatherapy

    If you’re like me, you don’t need a special occasion to put flame to your favorite luxury candles. Any time is a perfect time to surround yourself with such luscious fragrances! As a travel,…